Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cruising Along...

So, many of you know that way back in July, we bought five tickets for a 13 day cruise back to the states!  Don't judge... it totally made sense at the time.
1.  Same price as airlines tickets with a two week vacation in the middle
2. Gentle easing into a new time zone
3.  11 other friends who speak Russian and English and who all happen to know our soon to be adopted children already planning to be on the ship
4.  An awesome time to bond as a family and experience fun, new things together
5.  Lots of other good reasons...

Well, all good ideas, plus we bought the tickets in faith of course.
Then on October 25th, when we were told 'no' by the Judge and began our Appeals process, we realized we would lose these tickets.
So, you guessed it, instead of losing all five tickets, we decided to take the trip to spend some time together and with our dear friends.

The day we left we were told that the boys, Dima and Victor, were sent to a Sanitorium in another city for three whole weeks and we wouldn't get to see them anyways.  =(  We let them know through a Caretaker that we would be back soon and that we would be praying for them.

By the time the ship hit the Caribbean, we finally found out when our Appeal's Court would be.  We were thinking it may be after the New Years, but they told us it will be Monday morning on December 17th.  So, on the 9th of December we flew back to Ukraine.

Tomorrow we will meet with the Lawyer.  So far she seems to be pretty positive about our case.  We have all of our paperwork ready, our faith is strong and we even had time to buy some Christmas gifts for the kids while in the states!

Today I tried to ask Matt what he thinks our new plan of action will be once we have the kids.  He said, 'please don't plan'  to which I understood that every time we begin planning out our future, something happens to cause us to go a completely new direction.  So, we're holding our breaths until next week.  Once we hear those three Judges say 'yes' then we will begin to dream, pray, hope and dare I say it... even plan.

In the meantime, we'll be cruising along during the wait.

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Anonymous said...

"God does ten thousand things in every deed.
Perhaps we know a dozen.
Maybe two.
But not enough to judge before He's through" John Piper

A friend who was a missionary in Asia form16 years made this comment to the above quote.

"This is SO important to learn and teach. The limitation of what we know leads us to humility and wonder. The clarity of what we do know gives us the hope to act meaningfully without knowing it all."

Thinking of you guys often on this road praying the rewards far out way all the hardship.