Sunday, January 27, 2013

Learning Together

Just a few thoughts as we embark on our new rolls as Mom and Dad. :)

1.  Beans and rice are only appreciated the first night they are served.
2.  Boys of all ages like to 'win.'  (We've been playing lots of 'wii' games lately.)
3.  Even 'clean' clothes from the Orphanage still need to be washed... and fabric softener makes people feel special.
4.  You need extra sleep when you start a family. Lots of extra sleep.
5.  All of a sudden everyone has tons of advice to give.  And you want to hear it!
6.  Teenage boys like rap music.
7.  My husband is an amazing man and a wonderful Father.
8.  Cats can actually be jealous of your time and attention.

Tomorrow we get to take Tanya home and we'll all be together finally!
We spent the morning with her at the Orphanage.  She has lived there for eight years now.  She showed us around and also let us sit in on her last choir practice.  We played some games and gave her big hugs.  When we were taking our little walk together, one of the little guys from the first grade ran up to her to walk with her and hold her hand.  She told me that she loves spending time with little children.  Her Teacher told me that she is a real live Cinderella.  She works hard and is always helping others.  Everyone is thrilled that her happy ever after has finally come.

And I am one happy Momma.


Anonymous said...

Amazing Tammy! I love reading about some of the details. I look forward to talking soon. Shelby (cant remember my google sign in)

Anonymous said...

Hey Tammy,

That so made me cry! We are so happy for you guys and praying for this adjusting period for you! What a touching thing for the teacher to say about Tanya, I balled my eyes out!!!!

Lena Martinolli :)