Monday, August 31, 2015

Here We Go Again...

As you all know now, our heart strings have been pulled yet again.

 Our Savior has ever so gently whispered his encouraging words to our hearts... Words of hope, faith, trust, love, and adoption.  At first we tried to shut out His whispers all together.  Let's be honest here.  We could make just about anything louder than our Savior's quiet nudging.  Besides, we're full blown Texans with three teenagers, a mortgage, two cats, one dog and 12 fish.  We have plenty to keep us preoccupied!

But when you finally still your soul and seek the Lord, He has a way of getting your attention.  :)

And in that moment, that very brief moment, when we stopped to listen to the Lord and consider what He was urging us to do...we were hooked.
And then we began to think about the repercussions of that reckless obedience...

Once you take the plunge into full obedience it's like a roller coaster ride.  Your heart drops.  You want to jump out because the anticipation is killing you, but you know that would be suicide so you hang on tight trusting the designer took meticulous care of all the details and used the highest standards of safety precautions. 

This journey will have it's ups and downs of that we are certain.  We may be spooked, splashed with water when we least expect it, travel through pitch black darkness, and throw up a time or two.  Heck, we might even get whip lash or heaven forbid... crash.

Regardless, the ride is just that... a ride.  And I guess the good Lord knows that Matt and I would rather be on that ride then to be watching from afar wishing we would have had the guts to get on. 

So let us love like we want to be loved!

Let's ride!

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