Friday, May 13, 2016

Meet the kids! ;)

We had such a great trip this last month!  Introducing:  Sasha (Alexia) and Dima (Tyler) who were a sheer delight!  Sasha (Alexia) loves to ride a bike and listen to music (Tanya, you better learn how to ride a bike soon so you can join her! ;)  She is very quick-witted and a great cook!  She made cookies and Ukrainian blini for us!  Dima (Tyler) loves to read, play with legos and enjoys Minecraft.  He has the cutest little giggle and his big sweet eyes can melt any heart.  

It happened to be the Ukrainian Easter weekend, so we were able to spend a few days just enjoying the weather, strolling down main street and even dying Easter eggs.  It took a little while but the kids started warming up to us, especially Matt's silly side during brutal rounds of Skip Bo and Jenga. ;)  

The 14 days were packed with all sorts of adventures!  Adoption meetings, interviews with Social Workers, notary offices, visits with old friends, crazy plane, train and taxi rides, birthday and Easter dinners, 5 mile walks along the beach, lots of lukewarm cappuccinos and bowling. (Just to name a few)  We felt as thought we lived about a week's worth of life packed into each and every day!  

We are happy to report that our court date is set for June 6th in Odessa, Ukraine.  So please pray for this day to go smoothly so we can quickly get home and start learning how to be a family of 7! ;)

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