Saturday, April 23, 2016

Even if the Mountains Don't Move...

He replied, "Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you." Matthew 17:20

Oh ye of little faith...

The longer I live on this planet the more opportunities I get to see how God is faithful to His promises.  Which in turn means that I don't normally go into 'panic' mode unless there is a genuine crisis, it's really down to the wire AND anxiety levels are high! Whew.  So it takes all of those things combined to truly get me to shake.
Good news...
I'm happy to report that I only had one (okay, maybe two) minor 'freak out' sessions the past few days as the time gets closer to meet our teenage babies.  There's just a ton of stuff to remember y'all!

Wonder what their favorite colors are?  I forgot to ask if they like cats and dogs?  Maybe they're allergic to cats and dogs?  What gifts should I bring? Should I bring toys for everyone at the Orphanage?  Will I remember any Russian?  How are we going to come up with enough funds to finish this?  Oh, wait... where are the passports?

What about the kids here, will they be okay? How are they feeling? Really?  This is the longest we'll have been away from them!  Do I have enough food in the fridge for two weeks?

And on and on and on...

So, naturally two days before we hop on a plane I decide to head over and have some lunch with a friend.  As we are praying about this upcoming trip my friend mentions that it would be great if we could get our passports back soon.  It was at that moment that my son texted me to say some package just came!  I called him right away to ask what it was and sure enough... our passports.

Not only has God provided what we have needed lately, He also likes to bless our socks off!  Have you heard about Victor's Prom Palooza?  Out of the clear blue sky he was invited to go to Prom this year with five of his classmates and three sponsors (previous graduates from the same school) just for fun.  So, here I am thinking there is no way we can come up with extra funds for this.  But then I find out that the Prom Palooza is completed covered!  Victor even has a tuxedo and shiny black shoes to his name now. . So he is even prepared for the next formal event!  Plus he got to ride in a stretch Hummer Limo!!!  This was star treatment at its finest.  God provided something we hadn't even considered!  Yet He knew how much it would bless us!

Sometimes He provides exactly what we need and sometimes He spoils us.  That's what Dads do. ;)

So, when the storms come and my mind battles to convince my heart that I can't fully trust.
And when my faith wavers.  My God, who is faithful, moves the mountains for me.

Can't wait to introduce you all to the kiddos next week!

Handsome Victor

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