Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Do you ever get the feeling that you are a small part of something really great?  Like the tiny piece of filament inside a glass bulb that when combined with all the proper elements actually shines forth light!  By itself it can do nothing but lie there looking like a sad little piece of a bigger lamp puzzle.  However, without that filament piece the lamp would not work and the light would not shine.

I feel like that sometimes.  Our little 'ever-growing family' with our three awesome teens, two smelly dogs and two Ukrainian cats are just a teeny part of the grand picture of God's goodness.  Even inside our little family, when we are all feeling isolated and sad we can't accomplish much.  But when we are connected and in-touch with each other's needs we are far more effective, happy, healthy, and alive.

Then, zooming out of the lightbulb and family idea is the even bigger puzzle...
God's 'band of brothers' (aka: the Church).  This includes blood relatives and spirit relatives alike.  Believing families (broken, dysfunctional and even the righteous) are all running around helping each other out with various needs.  I mean, honestly.  I have no idea how people function outside of the loving band of brothers.  Here are just a few of the latest blessings we have experienced from this group of Jesus followers:

encouraging notes
yummy meals during a hard week (when I had surgery)
meaningful conversations
giving rides to the kids when we are busy
stepping in to house-sit (dog/cat sit) when the family goes on vacation
and lots of needed prayer

And now my sweet sister has designed and published a coloring book* with Scripture to help us raise much needed finances for our family's next big puzzle piece...  adding two new kiddos to the gang.

I mean.  Wow.

Last Saturday we were able to meet our hopeful new daughter through Skype.  It was so fun to visit with her and introduce her to the kids.  We expressed to her in Russian that since we had heard about her and her brother's desire to be a part of a family we had prayerfully decided to try to be THAT family.  We then asked if she would like to consider being a part of our crazy family. ;)

"Da, da, da!!!" She was in shock!  With tears she began to mention how long she had been wanting this and waiting someone to want her.  Did you catch that?
Even typing this I can't hold back the tears.

How long have you waited to be wanted?

I'm not talking romantically, that's a whole other discussion.  I'm talking just 'pure, basic, raw and solid committed love' type of want.
Most of us can't even fathom what that's like.  We grew up with someone, a mom, dad, grandparent wanting to be with us, love us, spoil us, care for us, help us... You get the idea.

I know she and her brother are older and I won't be able to scoop them up like babies and hold them and sing lullabies for hours to soothe them.  But I can WANT her and want what's best for her and her brother and I can do that until the day I die.

It's just a tiny part of the whole story.  And I can't wait how our little family grows and changes and becomes more whole when these two kiddos finally come home.

*If you love coloring and Scripture or just like great gift ideas and at the same time want to be a small part of a bigger puzzle... maybe pick a few of these awesome books up!  Beloved Words

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