Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hearts and Hugs

Many of you have asked about the adoption so I wanted to give you all an update. :)

Since we started the process back in September, we have been able to complete every last little document for the US requirements and the Ukraine dossier requirements!  This is a true miracle!

So the next step is to head to the state capital to get all 45 pages stamped with the state Apostille stamp!  Then we will mail them off to Kiev to our Facilitator.  He has already received all the documents digitally and will be translating them into Ukrainian to have them ready to go.
Once he turns in our dossier then we wait.  Usually it takes about a month or two to hear back from them.  We are hoping for an interview in Kiev around April or early May.  After the interview (around a 5-10 day trip... assuming all goes well), Matt and I will head back to Texas to wait for the court date.  (Another month or two).  So, the potential date of finally having the kiddos back in Texas is around June/July, 2016.

Whew.  So, that's probably clear as mud.  Thank you all for praying, asking, thinking of us, and generally being sincerely interested in our lives and this process.  It is so encouraging!

Please keep the entire process, God's timing and the children in your prayers.  Like we said before, we are not 100% certain that we will be able to adopt the brother and sister we are hoping to adopt.  If they are not adoptable we will revisit the books and pray about possibly adopting up to two different children from Ukraine... any age.  Regardless, the kids we are praying for and thinking about still need lots of love and prayers.  They have not been told yet that someone is hoping to adopt them.  Please pray for timing, wisdom and for their health and safety throughout this time.

In other news, the family has been doing really well.  We had a nice winter break visiting Matt's family down in Florida for a week.  Nothing like sunshine for Christmas!

Dima is doing great at basketball, working the 5:00am shift at McDonald's and squeezing in some homeschool curriculum this school year.  We are very proud of him and all of his accomplishments.  He still has about a year left of school, but we are already talking with him about what his hopes and dreams are for the next chapter in his life. ;)

Tanya has been doing great in school and thriving on her tennis team!  She is on the varsity team and loving every minute.  She is also taking driver's ed courses and received her Driving Permit (like Dima)... yes we have two teens driving in the house! yikes.  She is truly a delight and we are learning more and more about her talented little self each and every day.

Victor has joined the FFA (Future Farmers of America) and loves it!  At the moment he has 8 chickens that he is caring for and doing a fabulous job!  He is also working at McDonald's once a week through a school program and loves the free ice cream associated with his efforts.  On the 23rd of this month he will be turning 20!  Per his request, we will all be celebrating at the local roller skating rink. ;)

Roxy, the Jack Russell Terrier joined the family this past month and has brought lots of energy to the home.  Simba, Pika and Captain are still all trying to get used to her, but we think she will soon be accepted by all.

Love you all!  We will keep you posted as things progress.